Decreasing Municipal and Industrial Water Loss By 10% or Less By 2030

Our water cluster is fast-tracking sustainable water solutions in the province by fostering a collaborative network of problem holders and early adopters across communities, utilities, and industry.

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Our Key Focus Areas: 


Water and Climate

Mitigation and adaption


Circular Water

Resource recovery and water reuse


Smart Water

Digital solutions including sensors, software, and analytics

Globally, over 10% of greenhouse gas emissions come from water-related categories.

This includes utilities, land use, and water systems. In Canada, water treatment and distribution account for nearly 40% of energy use in municipalities and Climate-related water disasters, such as floods, droughts and storms, are projected to cost the Canadian economy $139B in the next 30 years.

Developing and Deploying Sustainable Water Solutions

Water solutions span a wide range of applications, from improving wastewater treatment efficiency to enhancing source water protection, providing value-added opportunities across multiple sectors including municipalities, mining, and food & beverage.

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