Accelerating Transformation In The Forest Bioeconomy

Our work is facilitating a competitive, valuable, and net zero forest sector through increased revenues generated through wildfire resiliency, sustainable value-add manufacturing and net zero operations by more than 20%.

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Our Key Focus Areas: 

  • First Nations Collaboration
  • Innovative Approaches to Access Economic Fibre
  • Value-Added Products
  • Mill Asset and Site Transformation
  • New End-User Markets
  • Supply Chain Optimization

The forest sector accounts for 5% of British Columbia's GHG emissions. 

While much work has begun to decarbonize the sector, there are major challenges still ahead, including access to economically available fibre, frequent policy and regulatory changes, and significant injections of capital required for transformation. 

Creating Sustainable Forest Management Practices and Products

With the circular bioeconomy estimated to be a $USD 7.7 trillion opportunity by 2030, there has never been a better time to focus on transformational collaborations that will position BC as an industry leader and contribute to our goals of GHG reduction, prosperity, and thriving communities.

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