Supercharging Breakthrough Technologies to Solve the Climate Crisis

Earth Tech: 2050 accelerates the technologies we will need to avoid climate catastrophe. We’re supporting Canada’s top climate tech startups with the potential to each reduce or remove half a gigatonne of CO2e by 2050. 

Meet the Cohort
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We Urgently Need to Manage, Reduce, and Remove Emissions 

While we rapidly deploy the technologies currently available to meet 2030 targets, we also need to support the emerging climate tech with the potential to massively reduce or remove emissions by 2050.

Enter Earth Tech: 2050, an impact accelerator for climate tech startups with huge impact potential.

How We Support Them

To best serve the ventures, we build a custom accelerator around each one, tailored to their needs and goals.

Deep Dives

We use Deep Dives with each venture along with teams of experts to set Objectives and Key Results, and then provide the entrepreneurs with advisors, mentors, capacity, introductions and more to fast-track their success. 

Custom Experience

Based on the Deep Dives, we design a custom accelerator for each venture, offering a range of supports tailored to their Objectives and Key Results to increase and accelerate their impact.

Investor Matchmaking

We help ventures get ready, and then provide curated introductions within our 550+ investor network. We also support ventures in securing non-dilutive funding. 

Industry Connections

We help ventures land key meetings by leveraging our network of decision makers at large companies – their potential pilot partners, customers, or strategic investors. 

11 Ventures, 9 Months, Over 5.5 Gigatonnes of CO2e Cumulatively Cut by 2050 

Meet our first Earth Tech: 2050 cohort below, and read up about them here


If you're interested in applying to join Cohort II and believe you are a good fit, please reach out. In the meantime, you can view and apply to our other accelerators through Accelerate from Anywhere

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Our Partners

Earth Tech: 2050 has been made possible by the RBC Foundation, the Peter Gilgan Foundation and Bullfrog Power