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Raising funding is one of the biggest hurdles that cleantech startups face. The Investor Readiness program is a free, four-week program that helps you prepare for your first dilutive investment. 

Taught by experts who have experience as both entrepreneurs and as investors, participants will learn the different investor types,
incentives, and expectations, as well as access key investment tools such as pitch decks, term sheets, data rooms, and due diligence checklists.

You'll leave with the confidence to develop, deliver on, and effectively communicate your plan to undertake a seed capital raise.

The Foresight Investor Readiness program showed us the path between the trees that is raising early stage capital.

Jason Hawkins

This program is designed for ventures who:

  • Have participated in the Launch program or equivalent
  • Are looking to raise in the next six months
  • Have completed and understand their business model canvas

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Foresight Presents the Investor Readiness Program with support from Fasken.