This series puts the spotlight on Canadian companies that are addressing water problems with innovative cleantech solutions.

“Don’t waste perfectly good waste” is the catchy slogan from Livestock Water Recycling, a Calgary-based company that specializes in manure treatment technology. They work with farms around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and segregate nutrients for strategic fertilizer applications, and recycle clean, reusable water.

PLANT is the only proven and fully operating technology that reduces the overall volume of manure, concentrates nutrients, and delivers a renewable, high-quality water source. Talk about multi-tasking!

Learn more about Livestock Water Recycling and hear CEO Karen Schuett’s pitch at Cleantech Market in Canada and Switzerland, a webinar on May 4 that will bring together innovators, investors, researchers, and government to explore water tech innovations.

Check out the full roster of Water Tech Talks, a week of workshops, discussions and matchmaking events powered by Foresight and waterNEXT, Canada’s water technology ecosystem.

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Michelle Zazulak

Michelle is an accomplished graphic designer, brand strategist and content creator. Throughout her career, she has worked with government, nonprofits and early-stage companies to discover their brand’s look and feel. She is passionate about developing a strong provincial technology sector and supporting a sustainable future.

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