Who's on the Map?

  • Ventures: 450+ companies working to improve water quality, quantity, supply, and management across the entire water cycle. 
  • Enablers: 70+ supporting organizations, including funders, accelerators, and industry associations.
  • Knowledge Generators: 60+ academic, government, or non-profit institutions with a focus on water data, technology, or innovation.

Our Scope


  • Are involved in technology, innovation, research, or development in some capacity 
  • Have a direct water-related connection or benefit 
  • Are headquartered in Canada or have a strong Canadian innovation presence 
  • Have a valid website

Enablers and Knowledge Generators:

  • Have a direct focus on water or support multiple water tech companies
  • Are based in Canada or play an active role in supporting Canadian companies
  • Are organizations or institutions (not departments or groups)

A Living Resource

Canada’s water technology landscape is continuously growing and evolving, and this map is a collaborative effort to make sense of our ecosystem. The map is a living resource that is regularly updated as we identify new organizations. It is not intended to be comprehensive or without errors and omissions. If you notice any organizations we’ve missed or have other feedback, please let us know.