A pan-Canada water technology ecosystem working working to accelerate the scale-up and adoption of Canadian competitive water technology solutions to address the world’s most pressing water challenges.

WaterNEXT is focused on water in all forms and contexts. Our role is to advance the Canadian water technology ecosystem by:

  • Connecting water technology companies, users, and funders.
  • Coordinating conversations around Canadian water innovation priorities, opportunities, and strengths.
  • Showcasing Canadian water technologies globally.

Water Technology Ecosystem Map

The Canadian Water Technology Ecosystem Map is your essential guide to navigating Canada’s water innovation landscape. This open access resource was developed through a collaboration between the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Aqua Forum, and Foresight to share information, foster collaboration, and build community across Canada’s water technology ecosystem.

Accelerator Program

This fall, waterNEXT will run its second annual water accelerator with a cohort of up to 10 promising water technology startups from across Canada. This year’s theme is digital water solutions, including sensors, software, and smart technologies across all sectors.

Last year, Foresight Canada, alongside partners WaterSMART, BlueTech Research, and NRC IRAP, launched the waterNEXT accelerator program to advance Canada’s water technology ecosystem. 8 companies completed the program, with 50+ others receiving training and strategic support through program partners. 

2021 companies will complete Foresight’s flagship accelerator programs – Launch and Deliver – plus industry and investor sessions to connect water innovators with key audiences to support their growth.

Strategic Goals

Our vision is to establish Canada as the global leader in innovation, adoption, and export of sustainable water technologies.


a collaborative ecosystem that understands market needs and innovation gaps

Identify and scale

Canadian water technology ventures more rapidly

Drive adoption

of Canadian water technologies, both domestically and internationally


the conversation around water technology challenges and innovation opportunities

Position Canada

as a global leader in water technology and innovation