The Challenge

Climate change, drought, population growth, and urbanization pose significant threats to water systems across our planet. Half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2025, according to the World Health Organization. Clean water is fundamental to human well-being, economic prosperity, and environmental health.

Canada’s Water Innovation Ecosystem

Water is not a technology issue, but technology is a critical part of the solution. With a history of world-class water innovation and breakthrough technologies, Canada is well positioned to lead this opportunity.

Canada’s water technology ecosystem extends across many of the country’s largest sectors, including utilities, energy, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing, encompassing more than 750 water technology companies, enablers, and research organizations from coast to coast to coast.

Accelerating Water Tech Innovation

WaterNEXT is a sector-agnostic initiative with an overarching focus on water in all forms and contexts, from desalination to digital solutions. We work to advance the Canadian water technology ecosystem through:

  • Acceleration programs for water technology startups
  • Industry and investor matchmaking for established ventures
  • Innovation partnerships with technology end users
  • Stakeholder engagement across key water-related sectors
  • Global showcase opportunities for Canadian water technologies 


Our Companies

2S Water has developed a sensor that detects and quantifies metals in water to optimize water treatment processes and improve environmental compliance of industrial and municipal water treatment facilities.

MarineLabs is a coastal intelligence company, transforming the ocean transportation sector and building climate resilience with the world’s highest resolution data on coastal weather conditions. Operating its own fleet of rugged instruments, MarineLabs provides real-time data to port, maritime, coastguard, and navy operations.


Digital Water Solutions helps water utilities understand what is happening underground in their distribution networks, allowing for greater insight into leaks, pressure, transient events, and water temperature for better decision-making and operational optimization.

Our Partners