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Foresight's Net Zero Innovation Network in British Columbia enables, accelerates, and builds capacity through clusters across the province to support Canada's vast cleantech sector.

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Whether you are a leader looking to transform your industry, an investor seeking impactful opportunities, or an entrepreneur with a game-changing idea, Foresight's Net Zero Innovation Network:

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expertise and offers access to funding

Tapping into BC's Powerful Natural Resources, the Net Zero Innovation Network Fosters Collaboration and Connection Across Four Sectors

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Forest Bioeconomy

BC’s 55 million hectares of forests provide a rich array of benefits to all British Columbians. Our sustainable forest management practices and our forest products sector continue to evolve to meet climate and competitiveness challenges. The forest bioeconomy offers an opportunity to leverage our strengths as we transition to a low carbon society.  

With the circular bioeconomy estimated to be a $USD 7.7 trillion opportunity by 2030, there has never been a better time to focus on transformational collaborations that will position BC as an industry leader and contribute to our goals of GHG reduction, prosperity, and thriving communities.


Critical minerals are essential to electrifying our global economy. British Columbia has the natural resources, innovation, and talent to meet this demand. However, challenges still exist for the industry to achieve a low carbon future.

Foresight's Net Zero Innovation Network aims to connect the mining industry with opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, while driving economic development through job creation and retention, and positioning British Columbia mining companies as more sustainable players on the global stage.


Across British Columbia, more than 100 water technology companies are working to advance solutions for the world’s most pressing water challenges — a rapidly growing market currently estimated at over half a trillion dollars. 

The goal of this water cluster is to streamline innovation around water challenges in the province, supporting the commercialization and adoption of BC-based solutions at home and abroad. The cluster will map the ecosystem, engage key organizations and ecosystem members, develop innovation partnerships, and facilitate pilot projects, working with stakeholders and rightsholders across multiple sectors to target key priority areas including water and climate and circular water.


The Transportation sector accounts for 38% of total greenhouse gas emissions - the largest share in British Columbia. 

Urgent action is needed today to accelerate the development and adoption of low-carbon vehicle technologies and the necessary infrastructure to ensure the province meets its climate targets and our transportation systems remain competitive, sustainable, and resilient in a low-carbon future.

Our transportation cluster as part of Foresight’s BC Net Zero Innovation Network focuses on developing an integrated network of intelligent and low-carbon transportation solutions, to provide a wide range of options for the sustainable movement of goods and people across the province.

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For companies pursuing progress towards ESG commitments and carbon reduction goals, Foresight's Net Zero Innovation Network (BC) offers leaders in mining, water, and forestry an opportunity to leverage our proven process of sourcing, validating, and testing climate solutions to meet your specific emission reduction targets. 

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Access a network of companies, experts, and investors all working on commercializing innovation and driving progress on climate related goals.


Discover opportunities to source and validate leading research and innovation in climate tech solutions.


Gain the ability to scout solutions to specific challenges, run pilot programs, and in some cases, receive funding to support the process.


For founders who are revolutionizing the mining, water, and forestry sectors, Foresight’s Net Zero Innovation Network (BC) helps amplify your solution to a national and global ecosystem of cleantech advocates. 

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Expedite the validation and commercialization of your cleantech solution by connecting you with industry decision makers.


Gain access to targeted pilot opportunities.


Our team facilitates the co-development and adoption of solutions


For investors seeking opportunities in cleantech, Foresight’s Net Zero Innovation Network (BC) can help you meet your climate investment goals by providing access to a curated funnel of validated investment opportunities.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation as well as support from Pacific Economic Development Canada.

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