VoltSafe Inc.

Meet the world's first high-voltage prongless plug. VoltSafe tech eliminates prongs, using magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint’ to connect to electricity.

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VoltSafe Inc.

VoltSafe is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

VoltSafe Inc. is making it safer and smarter to connect to electricity than ever imagined.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, our award-winning Canadian tech startup has improved the electrical plug and outlet by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint.” Through our patented technology, VoltSafe has invented a blueprint to “creating” the next gen of electrical connectors: the smartest design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago.

VoltSafe’s novel technology is at the core of the GHG emission-reducing “electrification of everything” movement, changing how the world connects to and manages electricity. 

Our solution utilizes magnets and an electrical fingerprint to replace the pronged plug. It is not limited by voltage or amperage and delivers power in AC or DC. VoltSafe technology eliminates the risk of electrocution, electrical arcs, corrosion, and fires, providing a truly universal solution. 

All VoltSafe solutions include proprietary and robust energy management capabilities. VoltSafe is the only company in the world to successfully receive safety certification to use exposed metal contacts for high power. We have received almost 300 unsolicited requests for the use of VoltSafe technology in different applications in the Consumer, Commercial and Industrial, and Government/Defence sectors. 

VoltSafe’s material advancements in accessibility (individuals with physical disabilities, seniors, and the world’s aging population), safety (reducing injuries and deaths), and sustainability (uniquely granular energy management, data, and analysis, actionable information for end-users, and energy providers) all drive impactful social outcomes.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

Electrical outlets are one of the last remaining hardware designs in our homes and businesses not to see marked innovation, and VoltSafe has the enviable position to deliver the solution. 

With a move to smart energy management that integrates users, suppliers, and manufacturers, VoltSafe is well situated to stake its claim inside every home and business around the world. With all products “Powered by VoltSafe Technology” being smart by design and nature, we look forward to creating and capturing value for all stakeholders, especially our shareholders.