Fast-track Your Technology

The best technical leaders are masters of both technological and business development. Deliver shows you how to play a crucial role in a successful venture.

Who Should Apply

Foresight’s Deliver program is for Canadian companies in cleantech, agtech, or industrial innovation sectors. Program eligibility includes:

  • You are commercializing a technology product or service that directly impacts cleantech, agtech, or industrial innovation and are ready for commercialization and scale-up.
  • You have identified the technology which you will be turning into a product.
  • You are responsible for the budget, scope, and timeline of the commercialization project (CTO, VP Engineering, etc.).
  • You don’t want to learn things the hard way and risk the success of your project.

Align Technology and Business Goals

Foresight’s Deliver program takes participants through a Technology Acceleration Program that will help you understand what you need to accomplish in your role as CTO or technical lead, and give you the support and business training you need to achieve your development targets.

Deliver participants are paired with Technical EIRs who have a more technical background and often have CTO experience.

Program Overview

This six-week CTO training course gives participants the tools, basic understanding, and confidence to develop, deliver on, and effectively communicate their technology development roadmap. 


Program and Course Expectations, CTO Role, Intro to Technology Development Roadmaps, TRL Levels


Product Development Methodologies, Core Planning, Customer Experience


Intellectual Property, Third Party Vendors


Scale-Up, Design Creep, Detailed Road Map


Budgeting, Team Building, Contracts


Persuasive Communication

What You Get

Discover a way of learning that is dynamic, interactive, and convenient.

Training, tactics, and processes

Fast-track technology feasibility and product development.


Where you are, where you need to go - and the gaps.


Critical business training ensuring the Technology team aligns with the fundamental needs of the business to drive revenue faster

Hands-on EIR support

Focusing on combining results from business development activities with optimized technology and product development roadmaps


Valuable opportunities for networking and sector-specific educational workshops.