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Who Should Apply

The Earth Tech program is a six-month accelerator program for Canadian cleantech companies. To be eligible, ventures should:

  • Have developed a novel or innovative technology product or service that’s ready for commercialization or pre-seed / seed stage investment 
  • Have technology that directly addresses climate change or water challenges, and have a team that is committed to building an impact startup with measurable environmental benefits  
  • Have a product or service that has achieved TRL 3 or higher, are close to an MVP, and are looking to gain traction with initial customers or seed-stage investment
  • Have formed a founding team with at least two full-time equivalent people devoted to the venture
  • Be able to commit to fully participating online during the six-month program, including attending coaching and online cohort sessions (roughly 5-8 hours commitment/month for six months) 

Program Overview

This six-month program offers cohort-based, tailored support to prove your business model, validate your technology, and approach customers, funders, and investors.


Month 1

Overview, EIR & cohort connecting, foundational learning on strategic planning, impact measurement, leadership development


Month 2

Bi-weekly EIR coaching, bi-weekly cohort sessions with focus on honing pitches, refining value propositions, business model validation, and investment readiness


Month 3

Bi-weekly EIR coaching, bi-weekly sessions based on cohort needs


Month 4

Bi-weekly EIR coaching, bi-weekly sessions based on cohort needs


Month 5

Bi-weekly EIR coaching, bi-weekly sessions based on cohort needs


Month 6

Bi-weekly EIR coaching, bi-weekly cohort sessions with focus on pitch practise, final Demo Day

What You Get

Expert Advice

Highly experienced coaches with relevant industry experience will help put you on the shortest path to validating your business model, raising investment and getting to market.


In-Depth Approach:

Our six-month program gives you a deep dive into the tools you need to grow your business as quickly as possible, with lots of support along the way.

Cohort of Peers

Connect with other promising early-stage ventures to learn from others’ strengths, discover other business models, and build a network across Canada.


Flexible Program

Tailored workshops, coaching, and group discussions to ensure you’ll learn how to apply the necessary tools and get the right support and connections to reach your milestones.


Selection Begins

November 1, 2022

Cohort Selected

December 9, 2022

Program Start

January, 2023

Program Ends

June, 2023

Our Companies

Our Partners

Earth Tech was run for three years by the Centre for Social Innovation and SI Canada as part of Climate Ventures. Climate Venture has now become a partnership of SI Canada and Foresight Canada. Learn more.