Orca Water

Orca Water is a Water Solutions Company. Focusing on usage monitoring, leak detection, consumption analysis, and water conservation.

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Orca Water

Orca Water is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Water is life.

Orca is a water solutions company focused on leak detection and usage analytics for homes, condos, buildings, and hotels. We develop and manufacture water monitoring systems with proprietary sensors and ultrasonic sensing specifically for residential, commercial, and institutional properties. This platform combines bespoke internet-connected hardware with software powered by machine learning to provide a comprehensive picture of water use down to the fixture level, including the capability to predict water leaks.

This unprecedented level of data and understanding of water use empowers property and building owners to track use, manage costs, and avoid costly water damage restoration, all while contributing to the larger goal of conserving and efficiently utilizing water resources. The problem of water scarcity affects a staggering 50 per cent of the global population, yet outside of industrial and agricultural sectors, the available solutions for water analytics and building-wide leak detection systems have been limited to very expensive systems that must typically be installed at construction time and are costly to retrofit.

Simple to deploy, non-intrusive, and easy to use, Orca’s water monitoring and leak detection system dramatically lowers the cost of adoption and immediately tackles the condo crisis head-on. Skyrocketing costs of condo and building insurance as a result of water damage risk leave residents and tenants with fewer options that are up to 350 per cent more expensive than just three years ago. As we accelerate adoption and acceptance of water monitoring and analytics, Orca paves the way for universal water monitoring and measurement — wherever people live, work, and play.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

Orca Water is addressing a massive, immediate need—a preventative solution for water damage and monitoring for the condo insurance crisis. Strong execution on this opportunity opens the door to successfully tackling the even larger global problem of water scarcity. Orca has developed a powerful, comprehensive, and affordable product solution that provides water use analytics while addressing water leakage detection with predictive capability.

The Orca team has worked together for over a decade, with deep domain expertise in related technologies and a successful 15-year track record of commercialization from concept through IP development, supply chain, and manufacturing. Our current pre-seed round has been very successful, with strategic investments already closed from respected industry veterans in the finance, cleantech, property development, property management, and legal industries. We are very bullish on the opportunity ahead of us and we hope that our submission reflects the passion that we have for this venture.