Who Should Apply

Foresight’s Launch program is for Canadian companies in cleantech, agtech, buildtech, or industrial innovation sectors. Program eligibility includes:

  • You have developed a technology product or service that directly impacts cleantech, agtech, buildtech, or industrial innovation and are ready for commercialization and scale-up.
  • You have formed a founding team with at least one other individual or are committed full-time to your venture.
  • You have early evidence that you can solve a specific customer’s problem.
  • You want the best possible chance of success and are willing to follow best practices in planning and execution.

Program Overview

This six-week CEO training course supports companies with a clearly articulated and plausible problem-solution statement and the capacity to test it.


Week 1

Course Overview, Ideas, Innovation, & Risk, Defining a Startup, The Founder’s Job


Week 2

Why Create a Business Model, Deep Dive: Business Model Canvas, Business Model Canvas Examples


Week 3

Customer Development Model, Customer Discovery & Validation


Week 4

Customer Discovery Tools, Buyer Types and Profiles


Week 5

Discover Your Market Type, Market Segmentation, Your Market Size, Positioning Statement


Week 6

Technology Adoption Lifecycle, Minimum Viable Product , Pitching / Pitch Coaching


Demo Day

Showcase of Pitch Sessions

What You Get

Launch offers a structured approach to developing your go-to-market strategy proposition and validating  your product-market fit.

Structured Program

Through exercises, 1:1 coaching, and group discussions, you’ll learn how to apply the tools to your business.

Expert Advice

Highly experienced coaches with relevant industry experience will help put you on the shortest path to validating your business model.

Accelerated Approach

Our 8-week program gives you the tools you need as quickly as possible so you can get out and apply them.

Cohort of Peers

Connect with other early stage ventures to learn from others’ strengths, discover other business models and build a network.

Residency Program

After graduation from the Launch course, participants have the opportunity to be invited into the Launch Residency Program to receive continuous support. 

Companies in the Residency Program have continued access to their EIR and the opportunity to tap into our larger EIR and mentor network. 

Quarterly Presentations

Every 90 days, companies in Foresight’s Residency Program present to a panel of EIRs to help them understand where they are and what needs to be addressed next to achieve their goals.

Quarterly Reviews provide valuable insights and experience, including:


Strategic Direction

The advisory panel helps you interpret the CMA and set your priorities for the next 90 days. This helps you grow the value of your company, test hypotheses, and reduce your risk.



Understand what you and your team are capable of achieving in a set period of time. Discover how to structure your activities as SMART goals and how to be accountable to a Board, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.


Board Management Skills

Prepare for dealing with a Board of Directors by providing a safe space to present and manage group conversations. Learn to present information to elicit useful advice, answer questions in a complete and concise manner, and seek input while inspiring confidence.