Meet the 2023 carbonNEXT Cohort Capturing Our Attention

February 16, 2023

Foresight Canada and Carbon Management Canada are thrilled to announce the #carbonNEXT 2023 cohort. carbonNEXT is Canada’s carbontech commercialization hub to drive development and scaling of Canadian carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) ventures. Building on Canada’s early leadership in CCUS technology development and project deployment, carbonNEXT brings partners together to energize innovation, accelerate commercialization, and fast-track adoption of carbontech solutions.

Featuring tech to measure and track offsets & removals, to lower the cost of Direct Air and Point Source Capture, and to mineralize CO2 in mine tailings, the carbonNEXT 2023 cohort is positioned to help Canadian companies meet their net zero targets. 

Over the next three months, we’ll support 14 cleantech ventures from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to advance their technologies and businesses. Meet the 2023 cohort below, and reach out if you have expertise, connections, or opportunities for them.

Meet the 2023 Cohort

  • 3P Technology provides low-cost, long-term permanent seismic monitoring of CCUS operations.
  • Arca Climate transforms and monetizes mine tailings into large-scale carbon sinks. Arca (formerly Carbin Minerals) is a recipient of a $1M XPRIZE from the Elon Musk Foundation.
  • Carbonseek Partnerships - GHG Offset projects face verifiability, additionality and other transactability barriers. To solve this, we offer a series of expandable and customizable solutions using distributed ledger technology.
  • CECO AI is on a mission to create an interpretable machine learning platform that visualizes and analyzes GHG emissions using geospatial technology, to serve both B2B and B2G audiences.
  • Exhale Aerosystems is developing a suite of mobile Direct Air Capture products for vehicle platforms. The CO2 collected by our carbon removal systems will provide sufficient feedstock to produce renewable fuels.
  • Gaia Refinery's technology aims to improve the efficiency of NaOH-based direct air capture (DAC) and to enable a synergistic relationship between bioenergy with carbon capture and storage and DAC.
  • Mangrove offers carbon tracking software for the carbon capture and carbon removal industries using operational data. We enable project developers, asset owners and operators to track each tonne of CO2 flowing through their value chain.
  • Hyperion Global Energy's patented TANDEM CARBON RECYCLING SYSTEM is net carbon negative, efficiently utilizing high volumes of heavy industry emissions to create valuable materials and revenue streams. It is housed in a modular unit designed to capture and convert stack emissions at source.
  • Minera Systems is developing a point-source carbon capture system optimized for lower-concentration CO2 streams, initially deployed at industrial compost facilities but to be expanded to other industries going forward.
  • New Carbon Horizon is a patent-pending solution that uses a net zero energy process to heat and break bonds of CO2.
  • Optiseis is a geophysical company focused on providing high-resolution, cost-effective subsurface data with the lowest environmental footprint.
  • Terrafixing Inc. has an IP-protected, proven and validated modular DAC technology using adsorbents that can capture and concentrate CO2 to pipeline specifications, with low CAPEX, energy input and high scalability.
  • Verdi Carbon Management exists to bridge the gap between emissions data, regulatory compliance, program management and carbon/tax offsets.
  • Vortis's proprietary spinning-disc separator (SDS) uses motion and vortices to separate CO2 and other gases from flue gas based on their molecular weights.

Thanks to the backing of PrairiesCAN & Scotiabank, carbonNEXT is supporting 30 early-stage companies that have collectively raised over $5M since joining our program. 

Thanks to Our Partners