Connecting the Dots with Alberta’s Cleantech Ecosystem Map

February 24, 2023

Foresight is thrilled to share our new Alberta Cleantech Ecosystem map, connecting innovators with valuable cleantech resources from across the province. 

If you’re a cleantech entrepreneur based in Alberta, or if you’re new to the scene and simply would like a breakdown of Alberta’s vast cleantech community, this map is for you. 

From funding resources to accelerators to industry network connections, the Alberta Cleantech Ecosystem Map lists helpful resources for ventures at any stage.



As this map is intended to assist entrepreneurs as well as all members of Alberta’s cleantech community, we welcome any comments or feedback that we may take into account for future updates. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss this map or anything related to Canada’s green transition.  

This map was developed in part from the University of Calgary’s Innovation Ecosystem Directory, which was created with the support of the Calgary Innovation Coalition. Foresight would also like to thank our sponsor, PrairiesCan, for further supporting the development of this map.