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Acuva Technologies is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

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Acuva Technologies Inc. is dedicated to solving a critical global problem — ensuring safe and clean water, air, and surface disinfection. Our cutting-edge UVC-LED technology sets new standards for health protection and elevates living standards worldwide. Conventional disinfection methods often fall short in combating microbial contamination, leading to health hazards and barriers to accessing safe drinking water. Acuva's advanced UV-LED systems provide a game-changing solution, eradicating harmful pathogens and safeguarding public health. 

Acuva's patented, precision UV-LED disinfection system is our key differentiator, offering a sustainable competitive advantage, surpassing traditional disinfection approaches, and catering to a diverse audience, from residential homeowners seeking clean water to commercial establishments aiming for hygienic environments. Acuva's impact extends beyond health protection. By utilizing UV-LED technology, we significantly reduce water wastage compared to conventional filtering methods. As a global leader in UVC-LED disinfection, Acuva possesses remarkable growth potential. Our innovative solutions address a pressing need across diverse industries, unlocking vast market opportunities. With a strong international presence and a passionate team, we are poised for exponential growth in the disinfection market. 

Acuva revolutionizes the fight against microbial contamination, providing advanced UV-LED disinfection solutions for a safer, healthier world. Our technologies, environmental commitment, and expansive growth potential reinforce our position as industry pioneers, dedicated to creating a lasting impact on global health and sustainability.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

Acuva Technologies Inc. is bringing advanced IntenseBeam™ technology to the water purification industry. UV-LED systems offer a highly effective and preferred method for combating bacteria and viruses in water, setting a new standard in safety and cleanliness. 

For the everyday consumer, the Acuva disinfection systems provide a game-changing solution that puts health and wellness in their hands, giving them greater control over their water quality and savings of up to 60 per cent in maintenance and energy costs. For OEM manufacturers, UV technology adds a sustainable competitive advantage that helps them stand out and stay ahead of the competition. 

Acuva's commercial and industrial solutions further shine in critical industries such as medical, appliance, transportation, and hospitality. Our UV-LED systems ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness, meeting the stringent standards of the medical sector and beyond. On a larger scale, weather events like floods and forest fires can have a negative impact on the municipal water system. Acuva’s UV-LED disinfection systems treat water for bacteria and viruses and are certified against NSF/ANSI 55 Class B. They can provide a final layer of protection against microbiological contaminants in water as issues like boiled water advisories become increasingly common.