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Bringing clean mobility and enhanced connectivity to communities worldwide.

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Asset Market

Asset Market is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Bringing clean mobility and enhanced connectivity to communities worldwide.

Millions of EV chargers, 5G antennas, and IoT devices need to be installed globally in the next 10 years, at an annual cost of >$50B. For each device, a suitable location must be identified and a lease agreed between the asset owner and the infrastructure provider. These processes are manual, non-standard, take 6-12 months, cost $10,000 in admin, and suffer a 35 per cent rejection rate. This isn’t scalable for the volume of devices needed.

Our digital platform connects asset owners (local government, private landlords, and utilities) with infrastructure providers (EV charging, telecoms, and technology firms) that need to install devices. Our advanced analytics optimize site selection against commercial and technical criteria. Our efficient digital process streamlines agreements. Our asset management services reduce the administrative hassle to manage a device over the lifecycle of its installation. Through our software, we can reduce the capital cost of deploying EV chargers and wireless antennas by 30 per cent and cut the time and cost of site acquisition by 75 per cent.

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Our aim is to abate 13M tonnes of carbon by 2030 by accelerating the
deployment of EV chargers and increasing EV adoption through:

Removing barriers to deployment

deployment such as lack of capital and commercial feasibility by reducing the capital cost of charger deployment by 30 per cent using our analytics to increase charger utilization and by picking locations that meet demand, have amenities, are suitable places to charge, and reduce build costs.

Reducing the administrative cost and time

for charger planning, permits, design approvals, and deployment through an efficient digital process that can save 9-12 months or more.

Reducing the deployment time and cost

cost for telecommunications and IoT infrastructure
including 5G to support smart meters, traffic optimization, improved logistics, and weather.

Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

Since 2021, we've identified a novel solution to a large problem that can span multiple industries, built a great team and product, have happy customers, and a strong sales pipeline. We are a small firm, but our trajectory is strong and the market opportunity is large.