Make informed decisions at the face with real-time data where you need it the most. MineSense is a pioneer in digital mining solutions that create new precision ore in waste and waste in ore routing decisions where profit and sustainability impact are greatest.

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MineSense is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Leading a New Era of Smart Mining

MineSense contributes to a low-carbon future by optimizing metal recovery with minimal environmental impact. Our digital mining solutions utilize sensor technology to enhance efficiency and identify and locate more metal while reducing waste transportation and processing. ShovelSense®, smart-shovel technology, revolutionizes mining through real-time ore sorting during the extraction phase. It enables mines to automatically route accurately graded payloads to the mill, stockpiles, or waste dump, preventing ore-laden trucks from going to waste dumps and minimizing the processing of worthless waste rock. Each mining truck carrying up to 400 tonnes of valuable material directly increases efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

MineSense's innovative technologies, ShovelSense and BeltSense, result in significantly increased metal recovery and reduced usage of fuel, energy, chemical reagents, and water. "We're sorting the wheat from the chaff with more precision than ever before with these smarter shovels. This technology helps us use less energy, create fewer emissions, and improve productivity. In fact, smart shovels have the potential to create hundreds of millions of dollars in value," says Bryan Rairdan from TECK Highland Valley, emphasizing MineSense's transformative impact on the mining industry.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

MineSense should be considered one of Canada's most investible cleantech companies because of the essential need to secure critical minerals, a top priority for multiple nations, including Canada. MineSense makes the extraction of base metals—copper, zinc, nickel, and iron, far more efficient with less environmental impact. The world is demanding more electrification, and batteries and charging infrastructure require more metal. Either more mines are needed, which is not always desirable or possible due to lengthy and complex approval processes, or mines need to become more efficient. MineSense helps mines recover more metal using less energy, water, and chemicals.