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At Foresight, we embrace the values of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). For us, this means gender diversity and equality, ethnic and cultural representation, rural and urban voices being heard, young and experienced workers being present, and the inclusion of people living with disabilities. 

To Push Our JEDI CommitmentsForward, We Are: 


A partner in the 50-30 Challenge, an initiative to accelerate diversity actions presented by innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.


A signatory to Equal by 30, supporting action to achieve equality for women. We are consciously and strategically removing barriers for entrepreneurs traditionally underrepresented in cleantech within our Accelerate from Anywhere program.


Dedicated to ensuring all Foresight team members complete Indigenous Awareness Training as part of their onboarding, with additional team members whose roles focus on engagement or recruitment participating in additional job-related courses and certifications.


A proud member of the Two Eyed Seeing Network, a first-of-its-kind network in British Columbia focused on bridging the gap between Indigenous youth and industry to remove barriers, reduce interruptions, and establish a pathway to future work in a way that is consultative and collaborative.


Committed to removing gendered language or subconscious barriers to applications during the hiring process. We include a statement on our JEDI commitment in every job description and provide access to accessibility tools to ensure accommodation. Our people managers have had access to, and will continue to participate in relevant training. 

Our Ongoing Commitment 

Foresight recognizes that JEDI is not a static milestone to achieve, but an ongoing practice that must be a part of our core values to succeed. We are focused on continuing to learn, listening to our team and our ecosystem, and providing a safe space for open communication and collaboration. 

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We are committed to JEDI as it relates to racialized persons, youth, and women (among other categories) including considerations for posting jobs, attracting diverse talent, and removing bias within the hiring process.

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