Life Cycle Assessment Program 

Take Meaningful Climate Action

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Are you developing or implementing decarbonization technologies but not sure how to measure your results?

Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) gives you the data and insights on your company's environmental impacts and emissions so that you can have confidence in your value proposition and impact. They are important for startups seeking investment.

We do this in a three-step process:

  1. Discover: our team will work with you to understand your company’s sustainability goals and intended outcomes for the life cycle assessment.
  2. Data Collection: based on your needs for the life cycle assessment, we will work with you to collect relevant data and engage stakeholders.
  3. Analysis and Reporting: using LCA software, we will model and perform an impact assessment and summarize the results in a technical report detailing the impact assessment of each stage of your product's life cycle from cradle to grave. 

These insights will lead to strategies in resource efficiency, optimized investment strategies, and supply chain transformation, and resulting in a more efficient, focused pathway to net zero. 

  • Measure the carbon footprint of your product or service
  • Identify supply chain hotspots, offering a foundation for targeted enhancements.
  • Obtain valuable environmental impact insights that can be communicated to customers, funders, and investors
  • Enable stakeholders to take meaningful action

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