I'm an engineer by education, but it seems the past twenty years I've spent connecting companies, with talent, projects and capital. I've been fortunate to be employed in roles that continually put me in a position where I find out about the value people and companies can deliver, as well as the resources they need to meet their own goals.

I can't be everything to everybody, so I'll narrow it down a bit. I have the most credibility in the energy and mining sectors. The talent I'm connected to runs the full gambit - juniors to presidents. On the capital side, I lean towards larger ($50-million+) scales of funding, rather than startup-level funding, but I expect that could still be a positive thing for a startup if they want to be a bit more forward-thinking.

As far as the best way to utilize me - I'm probably a better "fixer" than a mentor. I tend to be quite busy, so I wouldn't be the right person to engage as a weekly mentor. Instead, I'd prefer to get a call along the lines of, "we really need to engage with X market," or "we need to revisit our value proposition," or "can you help us get a clear idea of where our solution fits into the big picture of X sector."