Chris, a strategic thinker by nature, is a Calgary-based entrepreneur investing  and advising in the pre-seed and seed stages of western Canadian tech  startups. Through his network and background in agriculture and energy, he  focuses mainly on technology in these areas, with an interest in AI and  machine learning applications. 

He has a diverse background, with 16 years working as an engineer in the  upstream oil and gas sector domestically in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, as well  as, internationally in France and the Netherlands where he led multi cultural, interdisciplinary teams. Project management, growth planning, and  leadership are some of his strong points with a penchant for corporate  entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

Chris has been involved in the  early-stage development of many sustainability projects geared towards responsible corporate behaviour. He is exceedingly committed to supporting the global energy transition, and  honouring the interests of all stakeholders via sustainable development  practices. 

Chris has a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta and an  executive MBA with Honours from IMD Business School in Switzerland. While  completing his MBA he also developed an interest for impact investing and  social enterprises, and hopes to expand in this area further.