Future Economy Series:
Transportation Webinar Recap

October 9, 2020

Experts from the Transportation sector, Dorota Kwasnik, Dave Earl and Daniel Breton joined our weekly webinar series on Sept 9, 2020 to discuss recommendations from the report -  The Road to 2050 - Bridging the Gap Between Challenges & Solutions in the Transportation Sector . The document provides a snapshot of roadmaps and approaches in use in the transportation sector in BC in relation to meeting CleanBC climate targets for 2030-2050.

The discussion began with a review of the two key recommendations from the report 1) that a high level provincial led decision tree for energy and transportation should be created and following that, 2) a transportation strategy and roadmap should be created that defines how the transportation sector will decarbonize in step with changes to the energy pathway and infrastructure.

The panelists agreed with the key recommendations and saw them as way to move the industry in line with CleanBC goals, and most importantly, to move into action.

There was some discussion around the recommendation to provide funding and financing mechanisms that will encourage innovation and adoption of clean long-haul trucks. While long-haul trucks are important, the immediate focus should be on short haul transport vehicles, as long-haul trucks are a low margin business and the vehicles have 20-25 year life spans. The economics and cost effectiveness of the long-haul trucks do not lend themselves to a simple or rapid transformation to low-carbon fuels.

They agreed on the importance of a cluster in terms of driving innovation and change in the sector and see the CORE Cleantech Cluster as playing a key role in:

  • Influencing funding. Funding is often the biggest hurdle, especially for heavy duty trucks and long haul vehicles. There are mechanisms available, but it requires committment and decision-making.
  • Accelerate adoption of technologies through closing innovation gaps and making industry connections.
  • Help drive customer demand. Often, the technology is there, or very close, but the market demand isn't there yet. The CORE Cleantech Cluster could help get that message out

Special thanks to our guest speakers Dorota Kwasnik from the Vancouver Port Authority, Dave Earl from BC Trucking and Daniel Breton from Electric Mobility Canada.

About the Roadmap Landscape Series

CORE Cleantech Cluster and Foresight are producing a series of roadmap landscapes in the six sectors of CORE’s focus. The intent is to provide a snapshot of the roadmaps that exist in each, and how they are being used.

This will help identify gaps in the required elements, as well as places where roadmaps either don’t exist or are insufficient to achieve the government’s targets.


  • Introduction
  • The Roadmap Matrix
  • Observations
  • Recommendations

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