Build a Better BC

November 10, 2020

Build a Better BC, a non-partisan group looking for a bold, inspiring future for British Columbia, presents a report outlining game-changing scenarios for a post-COVID BC.

They include recommendations around Economic Climate, Infrastructure, Housing, and a Green New Deal. The report is a culmination of ideas generated in a discussion series among business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, lawyers, academics, retired politicians and non-profit leaders from across BC, and represents diverse backgrounds, communities and economic interests.

“Historically, pandemics have inspired political reforms, changed the momentum of wars, ignited revolutions, weakened or strengthened religions, and changed societies fundamentally. Many innovations and great companies have germinated at the bottom of recessions,” said Wal van Lierop, one of the initiators of Build a Better BC, and Founding Partner & Executive Chairman at Chrysalix Venture Capital.

“The transition to a low-carbon economy will inevitably create winners and losers but it is our responsibility to bring all British Columbians with us. At this juncture in history, we asked ourselves what unique opportunities exist for BC?”

Build A Better BC aimed to answer that question. The report makes four recommendations for step-change opportunities to recover from COVID-19 and transform the future of our province:

  1. Economic Climate: Make BC a hub for job creators, cleantech innovation and global finance.
  2. Infrastructure: Prepare BC’s transportation networks, digital systems and energy grid for economic growth in a carbon-zero future.
  3. Housing: Create sustainable, affordable housing for current residents and newcomers.
  4. Green New Deal: Establish BC as a global centre of green innovation, finance, accounting and services.