Foresight And Its Companies To Represent British Columbia At Vertuelab Impact Summit In Oregon

September 10, 2018

Cleantech Conference Brings Together Cleantech Innovators, Investors

PORTLAND, Ore. – September 10, 2018 – Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre and VertueLab today announced that Foresight and two of its companies will be attending VertueLab Impact Summit in Portland on September 26, showcasing and representing leading-edge innovations in transformative technologies in British Columbia, Canada.

The 10-year old VertueLab Impact Summit (formerly BEST FEST) is the premier clean technology innovation conference in the Pacific Northwest and brings together innovators, impact investors and others to more quickly advance technologies aimed as solving global environmental problems. The event’s Cleantech Showcase will feature eight up-and-coming cleantech startups from around the western U.S. and Canada.

“We envision Foresight to be the leading champion of transformative clean technology startups across Western Canada,” said Jeanette Jackson, Foresight’s Managing Director. “We think VertueLab Impact Summit is a great opportunity to accelerate our transformative clean technology startups from launch to scale by exposing them to investors, industry professionals, and media partners not only in BC but the entire Pacific Northwest Region. Partnering up with VertueLab is one of our new strategic initiatives to ensure Foresight remains the trusted path to customers and capital for many years to come.”

Foresight invited Boydel Wastewater Technologies and BC Biocarbon, two companies from their Launch program to exhibit their transformative technologies at VertueLab Impact Summit. Boydel Wastewater Technologies is developing a novel electrochemical treatment system for industrial and municipal wastewater. BC Biocarbon is a bio-refining technology company with a demonstration-scale bio-refinery to process biomass or biomass-derived materials into high grade biocoal, biogas, biochar, and other biogenic carbon products.
“We’re excited to have startups from the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre in Canada participating in VIS2018 as we expand our geographic reach to bring even more clean technologies to market to more quickly address global environmental issues,” said David Kenney, president and executive director of VertueLab. “Solving issues like climate change, lack of clean water and sustainable agriculture require international collaboration and cooperation, and we’re proud to be playing a role in that with help from Foresight and the cleantech companies they are assisting.”

About Foresight Clean Technology Accelerator Centre

Foresight accelerates Canadian transformative clean technology start-ups from launch to scale in collaboration with industry, corporate partners, universities, government agencies, and local service providers. Their three pillar programs, Launch, Growth, and Challenge, have supported more than 100 companies, secured $65 million in funding, generated more than 180 jobs, and helped the industry achieve new sustainability goals in more than 10 countries. Find out more at and follow on Twitter @ForesightCAC.

About VertueLab and VertueLab Impact Summit

For 10 years, VertueLab (formerly Oregon BEST) has supported and made direct program-related investments in innovative cleantech startups, connecting promising companies with state and federal resources, while preparing these companies for follow-on investment through a series of focused programs. VertueLab is a partner to impact investors, helping ensure their investment dollars are aligned with their values and are having a measurable impact on the planet. VertueLab is an independent nonprofit supported in part by a grant from Business Oregon. Learn more at

Every September, innovators from across the Pacific NW come together at VertueLab Impact Summit (formerly BEST FEST), the Pacific Northwest’s premier cleantech innovation conference. Now in its 10th year, VIS2018 brings together the doers, thinkers, and innovators working in clean technology across the region. VIS2018 is about learning, inspiring, networking, sharing ideas, and shaping our future. We convene a diverse audience of business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, partners, corporates and scientists— who have the common goal of accelerating solutions to environmental challenges.