Cleantech Coast to Coast:

August 9, 2023

Join us at Foresight for a virtual road trip across Canada in our annual series Cleantech Coast to Coast. From the nation’s largest urban centres, to remote pockets of innovation, we’ll celebrate Canada’s inspiring innovators at every stop. 

Buckle up, and come along with us as we visit some of the change-makers and cleantech leaders who are deploying impactful climate solutions, and moving the needle toward net zero. Our next stop: Montreal, Quebec.

Most of today’s electric vehicles rely on a lithium-ion battery to provide power. But did you know that these batteries contain toxic metals that can contaminate entire ecosystems if not recycled properly at the end of their life?

Founded in 2022, GreenLIB is a cleantech startup focused on lithium-ion batteries and the refining of raw materials in order to address the escalating problem of battery waste management. The exponential rise in the production and use of electric vehicles is met with a simultaneous rise in end-of-life batteries. In fact, the global lithium-ion battery demand is expected to rise by nearly 500 per cent by 2030. GreenLIB is working to ensure that these spent batteries are being recycled in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, and their methods are starting to transform the recycling industry. 

GreenLIB’s standout methodology is capable of handling all six battery chemistries without sacrificing material quality, and is able to recover 95 per cent of batteries’ essential elements. This is achieved through a unique hybrid hydrometallurgical technology, carefully designed for lithium-ion battery recycling. When comparing this methodology to standard recycling techniques, GreenLIB has been able to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 57 per cent.

It was CEO and Founder Fred Rostami’s direct involvement in the assembly material and metal recycling industry that sparked his idea for starting GreenLIB.

On a personal level, my dedication to solving this specific environmental challenge stems from my deep-rooted passion for matters related to mining, metals, energy, and infrastructure. I firmly believe that effective battery recycling can significantly curb the need for new mineral extraction, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and paving the way for a sustainable future.

Fred Rostami CEO and Founder, GreenLIB
<span>Fred Rostami</span>

As a part of our 2023 Launch and Deliver cohort, Rostami and the rest of the team at GreenLIB are striving to create a robust ecosystem that champions the principles of a circular economy. “The potential to significantly contribute to the green transition and make a tangible difference in the world is what fuels my ambition to grow and scale GreenLIB,” says Rostami. “I am convinced that our technology can revolutionize the way we deal with battery waste, thus playing a pivotal role in global efforts to attain a net zero future.”

Launch and Deliver is a six-month accelerator program run by Foresight Canada for companies with a clearly articulated and plausible problem-solution statement and the capacity to test it. 

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