Saving Water, One Pulp Mill at a Time:
Foresight and CMPC Launch Low Water, Blue Stain-Free Wood Challenge

July 4, 2023

Water is the world’s most precious resource. And not just because we literally need it to survive. Water is used in countless processes across every industry, from agriculture to forestry to textile production. Unfortunately, many of these processes result in tonnes of water being wasted. That’s why CMPC is teaming up with Foresight Canada on the Low Water, Blue Stain-Free Wood Challenge, seeking solutions that will reduce water use (or eliminate it completely) in the process of fighting the blue staining in wood caused by the Ceratocystis Pilífera fungus. 

Currently, the only way to avoid the appearance of the fungus is by watering the logs once the blue stain sets in, resulting in extremely high water usage. But CMPC has ambitious goals for reducing water use, emissions, and landfill waste. To that end, they’re looking for new technologies, processes, and businesses that can help prevent the appearance of the blue stain fungus and produce an exportable pulp product while reducing the amount of water required.

Do you have the solution? A successful technology will:

  • Prevent the appearance of the blue stain fungus
  • Reduce or eliminate water use
  • Come with a competitive price point
  • Be compatible with CMPC's pulp mill operations

The winner of this Innovation Challenge will earn the chance to co-create a pilot proposal with CMPC to potentially implement their technology in CMPC’s yards. If your technology has not been tested with this fungus, CMPC will test your technology in their labs, and if it's successful, will co-create a pilot proposal with your team.

So, what are you waiting for!? Read the Challenge details and apply today!

Looking for more information? Join the Challenge webinar on July 27, 2023 at 9am PT. 


Partners like CMPC are the reason we have hope of meeting our planet’s climate targets. Foresight is thrilled to be working together with the CMPC team on another exciting Innovation Challenge. We need more industry leaders like CMPC stepping up to the plate and engaging in strategic initiatives that reduce emissions and scale sustainable processes towards a green future. I can’t wait to see the innovative solutions that this Challenge generates!

Jeanette Jackson CEO of Foresight Canada

The relationship of human beings with the planet is increasingly responsible, meaningful, and conscious. Our essence, the forest, the natural fibre, and our products are essential to contribute to a sustainable society. At CMPC, we are committed to this vision that drives us to evolve as people and as a company. This challenge is another step to being the company that we want to be, reducing our water consumption while maintaining the high quality of our products. We are looking forward to receiving valuable solutions that help us achieve this goal. 

Sebastián Corthorn Innovation Leader, CMPC

About Foresight Canada

Foresight is Canada’s cleantech accelerator. Foresight supports the identification and validation of cleantech opportunities and the successful commercialization of solutions. We bring together industry, government, academia, investors, and innovators to address today’s most urgent climate issues and support a global transition to a green economy. Find out more at Follow on Twitter @ForesightCAC.

About CMPC

CMPC produces and commercializes products based on pulp, paper, wood, and tissue. The company was born in 1920 with the production of papers and cardboards, and today commercializes its products through its three main businesses: Pulp, Biopackaging and Softys, reaching more than 26,700 direct clients around the world.

CMPC has 49 industrial plants in nine countries in America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, the United States, and Uruguay. Its worldwide presence reaches 12 countries, including three commercial offices in the USA, Germany, and China; and an innovation office in Finland.

Their corporate purpose  —We create the natural fibre for a better future—, is integral to the company's way of doing business and guides its actions and operations towards a sustainable future on a day-to-day basis.