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PLAEX Building Systems Inc.

PLAEX Building Systems is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Building a Better Future

PLAEX Building Systems Inc. intakes a wide range of difficult-to-recycle thermoplastics encompassing a special mix of agricultural, marine, and municipal plastic waste, as well as dry aggregate waste construction materials, like concrete and brick. Through our unique processing technology, we turn these materials into PLAEX-crete: a highly versatile, 90 per cent recycled material which is then molded into super durable, no-cut, mortar-less, modular, interlocking building systems made to be used (and reused) in a wide range of building applications.

Our interlocking brick and block products are designed to provide builders and hardware retailers with a sustainable, profitable, and ecologically healthy alternative to traditional building materials while producing
increased simplicity and Return on Investment for end-users. Our products have excellent resistance to water, insects, mold/mildew, fire, and high wind, while being less expensive, more sustainable, and easier to build with than mainstream alternatives.

Building with PLAEX means less mess, time, and stress required to complete your project. By replacing traditional building materials which contribute to deforestation and GHG emissions (timber) while using vast amounts of water and other valuable natural resources (concrete/brick), our system can simultaneously reduce the environmental impact of the building industry and create a value-added solution to massive amounts of waste, with the potential to reduce an estimated 336 Gt of GHG by 2050.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

PLAEX represents a strong strategic investment for the future as a cleantech solution generating revenue through multiple channels, with the ability to scale quickly and efficiently through manufacturer licensing. PLAEX’s strong IP portfolio gives competitive advantage in a novel industry, while zero-cost raw material creates extremely high gross profit margins. These factors help to project to over $6.5M in revenue by 2025, with volumes increasing dramatically with the introduction of licensing.