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Rainforest Automation

Rainforest Automation is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Changing how the world uses energy through innovative grid analytics and intelligent energy management solutions.

Rainforest Automation is the only company that combines comprehensive grid analytics with effective customer load management solutions to reduce and shift energy usage in homes. Electrification and renewables are causing significant issues and risk billions in unplanned upgrades. As a result, utilities are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency throughout their systems. We believe the future for utilities lies in how they maximize the usage of real-time data, machine learning, and AI to drive a better understanding of where demand comes from and create tailored programs that actually work.

Rainforest’s platform enables utilities to leverage their existing investments in smart meters to more accurately identify and prioritize issues affecting both individual buildings and the entire grid. That means it can be deployed without requiring additional infrastructure. We simply take the data they already have and utilize machine learning and AI to disaggregate demand and provide previously unattainable levels of understanding and insights.

Then, by leveraging their customers and customer’s devices, we’re able to cut peak energy demand by up to 50 per cent and improve energy efficiency by up to 10 per cent in a way that is lower cost, faster to scale, and more customer friendly than comparable solutions or infrastructure investments.

As EVs are causing the largest transformation of utility grids, utilities need EV charging to happen when they can deliver enough power all the way to the end user. On the other hand, drivers want to make sure their cars are charged when they need them. Our platform aligns those needs by using our machine learning and AI to shift charging to when it makes the most sense. By understanding where and when EVs are charging across the grid, utilities can better identify existing grid capacity constraints, mitigate grid issues through intelligent managed charging, and plan how to upgrade their grid in the future.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

We are currently expanding our global footprint and growing our key customer base in the US and Australia. Rainforest is on track to sign a large $1 million annual opportunity with a Latin American utility and has key expansion programs set up for the US with large and leading utilities. We will enable the energy transition to continue unhinged by allowing the use of existing infrastructure, resulting in a $1.4 trillion global savings with the transition of Electric Vehicles alone.