SolarSteam Inc.

SolarSteam delivers renewable heat through enclosed concentrated solar technology, and offers a game-changing solution for industrial clients by reducing their costs and emissions.

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SolarSteam Inc.

SolarSteam is a Foresight 50 2023 Honouree

Lowest Cost Renewable Heat

SolarSteam provides a zero-carbon heat solution for institutional and industrial clients that mitigates the high cost and high emissions associated with fossil fuel heat generation.

Our novel technology includes a parabolic trough design housed in a protective weatherproof frame and transparent membrane enclosure, which was previously inaccessible for solar thermal generation. 

The primary environmental benefit of implementing SolarSteam’s systems is displacing the CO2 produced by burning fossil fuels for heat generation in industrial processes and space heating and cooling potential. Our transformative, modular design will allow rapid cross-sectoral deployment across multiple industry verticals and geographical regions.

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Why our venture should be considered one of Canada’s 50 most investable cleantech companies:

SolarSteam has a strong track record of attracting equity investment and leveraging it with no-dilutive repayable grant funding. We have a full suite of legal and fiscal frameworks, ensuring a strict corporate structure. Our seed investor deck and Virtual Data Room have already attracted investment from institutional investors in Canada, the US, and Europe. 

SolarSteam can reduce the cost of heating and cooling while creating jobs along the supply chain of clean energy innovation, engineering, legal, accounting, manufacturing, construction, operations, and training of operators. We will also create jobs in the installation and maintenance, data analysis, and reporting of the systems. 

SolarSteam's technology will reduce the cost of energy consumption of heat in the industrial sector. Adopters can sell excess heat or underutilized heat to other companies adjacent to their facility and/or generate and sell carbon credits to underperforming ESG companies. 

With a Total Obtainable Market of $2.5 billionB by 2030 and $36.5 billionB by 2050, we forecast the potential to: 

  1. deploy 1.3 GWt by 2030, reaching 574,000 annually and 1,768,000 cumulative tonnes of CO2 offset; and 
  2. deploy 15 GWt by 2050 reaching 12,000,000 annually and 142,000,000 cumulative tonnes of CO2 offset. 

SolarSteam’s full-capacity team includes professionals specializing in operations management, solar thermal technologies, mechanical design, development and commercialization, logistics, and fabrication. We have developed a network of companies (vendors, suppliers, contractors, consultants) that strongly commit to innovation and decarbonization.