Customized Research

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Guiding the Future of Cleantech in Canada

We offer tailored research services for the following, which can be customized to suit specific needs:

Ecosystem Mapping: Ecosystem maps survey the interconnected parts and actors who contribute to a particular market or sector. Ecosystem maps help organizations - industry, government, or otherwise - identify gaps, opportunities, strengths, and risks to support decision-making and growth.

Business Opportunity Analysis: Analyzing demand and competitive market conditions for a particular technology to help organizations develop a business case or strategy regarding potential opportunities in the cleantech sector.

Sectoral Analysis: Specific analysis of a sector’s characteristics- such as export potential, investment opportunities, or policy review - to support government decision-making and business development efforts.

Innovation Scouting: Using our databases and extensive global networks, information on curated lists of clean technology ventures is provided, giving valuable insights into technologies being developed and investment opportunities in areas of interest to our clients.

Cluster Strategies: Foundational research to support cluster development in specific regions or sectors. Includes components such as gap analysis, recommendations for program development, and stakeholder engagement.

Technology Roadmapping: On an industry-wide scale, technology roadmapping brings stakeholders together to create a shared vision of technology innovation within a specialized market or sector. For an individual company, a technology roadmap defines the road ahead for a company to achieve their goals and satisfy market demand through improved knowledge.