Ventures to Value Chains

Transforming Canada's Innovation Landscape

To achieve net zero, and clinch Canada’s position as a world leader in clean technologies, having a thorough understanding of the country’s technology ecosystem is a must. This is why we embarked on a mission to visualize and explore Canada’s key net zero value chains. 

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Visualizations of our strength, gaps, and opportunities. 

If Canada is going to capitalize on the opportunity to lead in development, commercialization, and exports, it is crucial that we understand the strengths, gaps, and opportunities that exist across our key sectors. 

Leveraging our extensive cleantech industry knowledge, data, and research capabilities, we mapped, categorized, and analyzed Canada’s strategically important industry value chains for a net zero economy. 

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Benefits of the Approach

  • Ecosystem Mapping: Visualizations of Canada's competitive strengths, gaps, and opportunities
  • Solutions Scaling: Identifies where to scale existing technologies and develop more innovator and industry supports
  • Prioritization: Identifies sectors that can bolster Canada’s leadership and economic development
  • Policy-Informing: Demonstrates where R&D and project funding will deliver greatest return on investments

How it Works

  • Value Chain Mapping: We map out the Canadian industry value chains for critical clean economy sectors
  • Ecosystem Data Collection: Using data from our extensive network of innovators, partners, and meticulous research, we assemble a database of technology companies in Canada by sector
  • Data Analysis: Companies are mapped to the value chain and analyzed for notable trends
  • Report Development: We compile a detailed report highlighting strengths, gaps, and opportunities
  • Knowledge Sharing: We publish the report, engage with our audience, and find ways to make these opportunities happen

Mapping in Action

In partnership with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and Aqua Forum in 2020, our Canadian Water Technology Ecosystem Map maps 750+ water technology companies, enablers, and research organizations nationwide across a range of sectors, offering insights into Canada's water innovation sector and knowledge of its key strengths. This high value resource has attracted significant industry and government interest - both domestic and international - as a critical planning tool for the net zero transition.

Water Technology Value Chain Infographic
Water Technology Value Chain Infographic Steffi lai

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Extending this approach to other sectors, and including the value chain mapping component will further strengthen Foresight’s capacity to accelerate Canada’s net-zero transition, and position Canada as a global leader in the clean economy.

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