After 25 years in B2B marketing and sales for various technology sectors, I have seen and learned a lot - both success and #fails -- and would love to share these with you. My superpower is that I have managed both marketing and sales team, and I love aligning the teams together with a common goal. My biggest successes are two strategic exits that maximized shareholder value and wealth. My passion is to work with smart technical founders who have a solution to the planet's climate challenges!

I've successfully marketed and sold a variety of solutions for a variety of industries, personas, company sizes, and geographies... from business solutions to technical products, from SMB to large Fortune 500. The general concepts for effective marketing and sales don't differ... but the details of the tactics depend on the market, stage, and changing nature of people's behavior! I'm currently consulting with Neural Impact on applying neuroscience for more effective marketing and selling, and taking fractional roles with clean/climate tech companies. Tech companies I've worked for include ActiveState, HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Crystal Decisions (before Business Objects/SAP), OneModel, Microsoft, JustSystems, and Maximizer. Climate solution companies I've helped include: 2S Water, Synergraze, Watershed Monitoring, Swiss Vault, Carbon Graph, SAMETRICA, Audette, Tengiva. 

Sector Experience