I am a Computer Science PhD with over 15 years of industry experience using algorithms to solve complex, real-world business and engineering problems across a wide variety of domains. I have been doing Data Science since long before it was called that.

As a Senior Scientist and Project & Client Manager at a US consulting and idea incubator company (Icosystem), I have delivered time & cost-saving software and analyses to Fortune and Global 500 companies, governments and non-profit organizations in areas such as Energy Management, Naval Engineering, Fisheries Supply Chains, Healthcare, Pharma, Insurance, Advertising and more. I have generated Intellectual Property material that was patented in the US and Europe.

For the past 5+ years, I have been focused on opportunities to drive business value in the cleantech sector with a focus on clean energy and electrification. While at Neurio (acquired by Generac) I have worked on the consumer side of electricity, developing computational methods for battery and solar optimization and forecasting home electricity consumption and generation using time series of sensor data. Currently, as CTO and Head of Data Science at Awesense, I focus on the grid side of the puzzle, overseeing the development of a geo-spatial and time-series platform for digital energy to enable the decarbonization of electricity grids.

What I believe and have been teaching through my work as a Foresight EiR since 2020 is that impactful software solutions can only be delivered through an end-to-end approach: communicate with business stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify current and future needs, map them to appropriate computational approaches (be they general artificial intelligence, machine learning, evolutionary optimization, network analysis, scheduling, simulation, data visualization, statistics or something else entirely) and use cross-functional teams to implement solutions and deliver results.

For more details on my journey you can visit https://www.lynometry.ca/