I have spent the past 30+ years of my career in clean energy technology and product development. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985 with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. I started my career at Atomic Energy of Canada's Deep River, Ontario research labs. In the spring of 1989 I left AECL to travel around the world with a backpack for 10 months. It was the best investment I ever made! When I returned to Canada I went to Vancouver and accepted a job as a Test Engineer at a 30 person startup called Ballard Power Systems. During my nine years at Ballard I was a test engineer for a methanol fueled fuel cell power plant, responsible for system engineering and testing of an H2/LOx fuel cell power plant for German military submarines, and for building a 15 person test engineering team for a 600 kW stationary fuel cell stack. In 1999, after 9 years there, Ballard was 1,000 people and I decided to joined QuestAir Technologies where, starting with 2 junior team members, I built and led a 25 person product development team delivering compact fast cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption equipment for low carbon energy applications. In 2003 I founded a company to develop products for heavy duty diesel engine emission control systems and ultimately sold the technology to heavy duty engine OEMs. I then worked with numerous small startup companies sharing my experience. In 2016 I was asked by Inventys Thermal Technologies (now Svante) to manage their 18 person technology team for a one year term during a specific high profile project. I dove into carbon capture technologies.

I then became the Engineering Manager of the Proheat brand of heater products at Dometic (formerly Teleflex in Richmond) where I was responsible for a 20 person team engineering new products and sustaining market leading existing products. This was an amazing experience because I was responsible for products in production and in real customer's hands. This expanded my experience from tech and product development into manufacturing and field support of successful mature products. I was then recruited to be Engineering Manager at Genesis Robotics in Langley to assist during their growth phase.

I am now, once again, assisting numerous companies (young and mature, many cleantech) in building and leading engineering teams for technology and product development.