Hey, I’m Erin Quon (she/her), founder of EQ Consulting and a believer in a brighter future for humanity. I am a professional engineer and former start-up executive with over a decade of leading, coaching, and managing teams. A passion for Earth’s natural environment led me to seek work in the outdoors and sustainability.

After graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, I found work in engineering consulting. Balancing my time between office work and being in the field, I worked on power and transportation projects across British Columbia. While hydroelectricity and water treatment are important facets of our engineered world, I was intent on working in renewable energy. 

So, in 2017, I started volunteering with the BC Sustainable Energy Association, where I met a variety of like-minded sustainability professionals and volunteers. Through the association, I met the founder of Blu-tility Wave Power Inc., inventor of a novel wave energy converter. Together we created a business plan, pursued various types of funding (and received some), and started collaborative research work with the University of Victoria. In pursuit of a project partner, we developed relationships with members of the Hesquiaht First Nation, as well as coastal BC aquaculture companies.

After Blu-tility, I moved from the garage start-up to the recently Seed funded Clir Renewables. They were developing a software platform for optimizing wind and solar energy projects. As employee number 16-or so, I helped the company grow to 125 employees over 3.5 years and evolve into a renewable energy market intelligence data platform. I led the customer delivery and analytics teams, and worked with clients - wind and solar farm owners, asset managers, and operators. I drove product, marketing, and expansion initiatives throughout my time there, as well as developed management, operations, and hiring processes with other business unit leaders. 

In the spring of 2022, I decided to take on a new challenge. Instead of helping only one company succeed in its mission to combat climate change at a time, I would work with multiple organizations. Now, I work with business and project leaders to develop systems to grow, scale, and improve efficiency in their organizations. As a consultant or contractor, I help them overcome internal barriers so they can focus more energy on their technical products and services. 

If I could have one wish granted, it would be for future generations to experience the beauty of nature as I have been privileged to.

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Renewable Energy