Ernest help innovative leaders elevate executive performance and accelerate positive change. 

Before executive coaching and strategy work, he spent 15 years working with high-level leaders to navigate strategy, innovation and digital transformation. He worked with global brands, health and tech startups, non-profits, and universities. He founded a podcast conference, designed three strategy certificate programs, and delivered a TEDx talk on digital addiction. 

Ernest’s clients included organizations like Yamaha, Shure, Parks Canada, Intact Insurance, and Brookfield. 

His projects have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, HubSpot, Smart Insights, CBC,  GlobalTV and Canadian Business. 

In the last few years, he helped senior leaders break glass ceilings and get promoted to executive positions. He helped entrepreneurs fund startups, and helped co-founders unite their distributed teams around a crystal clear 100-year vision. Hi clients are often recognized for how calm, clear, and confident they are, no matter what situation they’re facing.