As an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, with a focus on clean-tech and sustainability, I always bring a start-up and growth mindset to my endeavors. Backed by my founder experience and following my passion for pitching ideas and businesses that drive environmental and social impact, I have been able to thrive in diverse private and public settings.

My journey in the innovation space has taken me across local and global ecosystems, where I enjoy sharing my stories and the invaluable lessons learned from failures I have seen and owned. Having established businesses in Canada, the US, Latin America, and Europe, I bring a deep understanding of the intricacies of some of these markets.

While my career initially started in civil engineering and earth sciences, my curiosity quickly gravitated toward the intersection of innovation, technology, and the pressing environmental challenges we face. This led me to spearhead several complex engineering projects, R&D investments in energy, Entrepreneur in Residence for venture funds, and even managed government programs and initiatives in innovation, technology and intellectual property. This experience allowed me to gain insight into the intricacies of private and public funding, and investment decisions from different perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem. I have been fortunate to see a positive impact in these endeavors.
I am also proud to have co-founded two climate tech start-ups that are actively making a positive environmental impact while creating jobs. One of these includes a fleet of electric vehicles ( that provides sustainable transportation solutions while providing CO2e emissions reduction certificates. The other venture centers around a platform ( facilitating Carbon Credits trading for investing or offsetting, measurement tools, which ultimately contributes to accelerating the development of green projects.
Combining my diverse experience, portfolio management involvements, and passion for environmental sustainability, I strive to support and empower like-minded entrepreneurs and startups to achieve their goals and create a more sustainable future.