Kristy is a multidisciplinary systems thinker with an innate ability to identify leading edge  entrepreneurs and align them with untapped opportunities to drive breakthrough change.

She was raised on Main St. in an entrepreneurial family, attained a unique education in both fine arts  and political theory, and is a natural facilitator. Her passion and purpose have coalesced around  empowering entrepreneurs to affect positive social, environmental and economic change.  

She has developed disruptive, future-focused impact plans for companies internationally. Having  cut her teeth in advertising and public confidence campaigning, she has a deep understanding of  how to create citizen demand for meaningful solutions that drive change and climate action. She  has transformed NIMBY’s into renewable energy investors, worked with government to transform  

public opinion from rejection to acceptance, performed supply chain impact measurement for  disruptive agricultural companies in the jungles of Latin America and now supports radical action  with the Decade Impact family of clients.  

A radical generalist and B Corp Ambassador, she has experience in food security, renewable  energy, commodity agricultural products, aboriginal technology, and natural resources. She  employs Environmental, Social and Governance auditing, B Corp Certification, impact  measurement, design thinking and radical collaboration in order to drive results for her clients and  partners.  

Kristy is an imagineer with a simple mantra; change is exhilarating.