The focus of my career has been on environmental/energy/climate policy and programs.  Although not intentionally, I have done that by working from a full range of different perspectives.  This started with my work at Pollution Probe in the early 70s where I was with the team that developed the 3 R‘s of waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).  I then as a co-owner and VP of Middleton Associates, one of Canada’s leading early energy policy consulting companies. Following this, I worked in the mid 80s for IDEA Corporation, an early stage venture capital company established by the Ontario government to invest in early-stage Ontario technology companies.  After managing a small service company for a few years, I co-founded Summerhill Group, one of Canada’s leaders in delivering energy efficiency programs.  While there, I cofounded and then managed the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, the leading advocate for energy efficiency in Canada and then co-founded and managed EnerQuality Corporation, a leading private certifier and of energy efficient new homes and trainer of home builders.  Based on this combined experience in both policy advocacy and program delivery, I was appointed Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation officer and ran the Conservation Bureau within the newly established Ontario Power Authority.  At the completion of my term, I co-founded and managed the Energy Service Association of Canada to represent and advocate for energy service companies in Canada.  Most recently, I have been teaching a university course on energy efficiency policies and programs at York and Yorkville Universities; based on this, I wrote the only university textbook on energy efficiency policy and programs.  I am currently active on 5 boards (Chair of 2) as well as a number of Advisory Boards, most in the energy sector.  My undergraduate degree is in Math and Applications, have an MBA and received the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.