I am a Clean Technology, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industry Professional Engineer & Innovation Leader with 35 years of industry experience.   My career has been guided by my personal drive to find solutions to increase sustainability and reduce our global carbon footprint.  I am passionate about inspiring and motivating teams to innovate and create, to aspire to excellence, and to flourish.
I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from UBC and am a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.  I started my career at BC Research conducting applied research and project management working with several startup companies.  This was my introduction to the startup ecosystem within BC and associated government funding mechanisms.   I developed expertise in rapid knowledge accumulation and identification of optimal supports for startups.  I worked extensively with the federal IRAP program, finding tools and approaches to realize government funding for innovation and product development activities.
I moved to Ballard Power Systems in 1995 where I conducted and led fuel cell development for almost 28 years.  My most recent roles were Director of Research and Director of Technology Collaborations.  In addition to leading internal fuel cell research activities, I had significant outward-facing responsibilities and served on several collaborative steering committees and advisory boards.  I have been the plenary speaker for many significant conferences in the field and am a recognized expert, holding 25 patents.  I directed significant university-industry collaboration to leverage leading science and technology research into commercial product development processes. I interacted extensively with both Canadian and US national labs and funding agencies and was responsible for obtaining government funding for research and product development activities.
By joining Ballard in the early days, I experienced the various stages of the commercialization process as the company grew and matured.  I obtained an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2008, which further strengthened my skill set to lead strategic approaches to innovation, problem-solving, and organizational transformation.  I can bring this skill and knowledge to help others navigate this path. 
My key skills include:  
•        Industrial research leadership experience of 35+ years in clean technology
•        Developing and leading innovation initiatives and strategies
•        Fostering connections, providing guidance, and leveraging expertise between industry, academia, and national labs
•        Generating funding and grant proposals 
•        Product and technology roadmap development and communication strategies
•        Board and steering committee experience
•        Intellectual property knowhow
•        Conference and trade-show keynote speaker