A strategic thinker with extensive experience in senior marketing roles, Tiffany Chester brings unique insight into developing lean and effective data-driven marketing. Over her 20-year career, Tiffany has had responsibility for marketing, strategic planning and business development within the highly competitive technology sector. Previous roles include VP Marketing, Wavefront (Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Wireless), Head of Sales & Marketing at Lighthouse Labs and  leading the development and execution of the first annual #BCTECH Summit.

Tiffany co-created and delivers brand and marketing programming for founders and CEOs of  growth-stage businesses for accelerators such as W Ventures, VIATEC, Foresight and BCTech. She was part of the team that built the economic impact logic and reporting platform for the Lazaridis Institute Scale-Up program. Tiffany is known for her ability to build creative customer-centric marketing strategies.