I began my career as an Accountant for my Nation for 21 years which was too long.  I now believe in change every 7 to 10 years.  I've transitioned into the business field as a Business Development Officer for the Sqewqel Development Corporation owned by the Seabird Island Band where I've managed procurement opportunities and partnerships to participate in the Trans Mountain Pipeline project.  At the same time managed the existing businesses such as the gas bar, agriculture and land leases.  I was quickly promoted to the Chief Executive Officer position when it became vacant.  I've taken on another position as the General Manager for the Witset First Nation where I was tasked to re-establish the Kyah Development Corporation owned by Witset.  I restructured the board of directors and the governance of the corporation.  Thereafter, I was appointed as the CEO of Kyah Development Corporation.  I've created 21 partnerships to participate in the Coastal Gaslink project where we've profited millions in the first year of business.  During my career, I've also sat on many First Nation organization boards as my knowledge and experience and traditional knowledge and culture have benefitted these organizations.

I'm currently a Director for the Aboriginal Financial Officers of BC, BC First Nation Gaming Revenue General Partnership, Aboriginal Housing Management Association, Nakazdli Development Corporation, and the University of Northern BC.  With my education, I was fortunate to attend the Harvard Business School Executive Program and am currently enrolled in an MBA program with Cape Breton University.  Currently, I manage my own business in partnership with a number of companies I've developed relationships with during my career as they're trusted businesses with similar values. Some of these companies have a mission in clean energy and supporting First Nations. I think what makes me a great advisor is my knowledge and experience in major projects, my relationships and partnerships with businesses and First Nations, and my traditional knowledge and values that guide me and my decisions.