Connecting Canada’s Water Tech Ecosystem

July 27, 2023

Did you know that BC holds the third highest quantity of freshwater reserves in the country, whereas Ontario has the highest concentration of stormwater management and drainage technologies? Or that the Atlantic provinces are home to an emerging cluster of environmental monitoring and management technologies? 

While Canada has gained global recognition for our leadership and expertise in water technology, there is still a significant lack of knowledge in terms of the strengths, gaps, and opportunities that exist within the sector. 

To rectify this, Foresight Canada has embarked on a mission to map, categorize, and analyze our country’s water technology value chain. 

We’ve listed 525 Canadian water tech companies across 18 different value-chain steps in the Canada’s Ventures to Value Chains: Water Technology database and report. 

Water Tech Value Chain V5
Water Tech Value Chain V5 Samantha Lego

An invaluable resource for innovators, industry leaders, investors, academics, and government officials, this tool was developed with some big goals in mind: 

  • To help water tech ventures understand where they fit along the value chain, highlighting potential competitors as well as collaborators
  • To provide information on geographical trends to help inform business decisions for innovators, industry and investors
  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities across the value chain
  • To highlight areas where R&D and project funding will deliver the greatest value to the cleantech ecosystem as well as Canada’s economy as whole

Available for purchase, Canada’s Ventures to Value Chains: Water Technology database and report uncovers several key themes that will help guide the future of Canadian water tech innovation.

Here’s a sneak peak:

  • Canada is stronger in developing water technologies that impact climate mitigation than climate adaptation 
  • Canada has a well-developed ecosystem of smart water technologies, but there is room to grow, especially in technologies that impact climate mitigation or adaptation 
  • Canada is stronger in developing circular water technologies that address the value chain outputs than those that address its inputs

Interested in learning more about Canada’s water technology value chain? Check out the Executive Summary.