Carbon Tech Companies to Watch

February 9, 2024

New carbon management technologies to look out for! 

Foresight's carbonNEXT cohort is our annual program to deep-dive into the carbon management industry across Canada. This year's cohort consists of fourteen companies working to combat the climate crisis across all verticals of carbon management.

Learn more about the trailblazers working to develop, deploy, and scale critical technologies to help find the path to net zero 2050: 

BioOilSolv is working to replace fossil fuels with waste from forestry, agriculture, and municipal sources to produce value-added chemicals.

C-Zero  is developing a cost effective low-carbon technology that allows direct conversion of industrial flue gas into ethylene/ethanol bypassing CO2 capture and other purification steps.

CO2L Tech is a technology platform to transform carbon emissions into industrially useful chemicals.

CycleCarbone is developing a carbon capture technology using potassium carbonate that significantly reduces operating costs, runs autonomously, and increases efficiency.

Cytochrome is developing bioreactor systems to harness microbes and minerals for carbon capture and metal recovery.

Digital Wellbore is developing a technology in the Measuring, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) vertical to analyze and verify carbon sequestration deep underground. 

Green Footprint Innovations is developing a technology to capture ambient carbon onsite and supply it directly to greenhouses reducing the carbon footprint of food. 

Infinite Carbon is developing a technology that transforms biomass from forests into a stable high value carbon material, creating innovative industrial and agricultural products.

Mavryck Inc is an AI powered solution for faster, safer, economical and sustainable delivery; utilizing climatech VivClima to measure, analyze and reduce their carbon footprint.

Nexsi is developing a small and modular direct air capture solution to supply greenhouses with carbon dioxide to boost plant production. 

NuLife Greentech is tackling two major challenges with waste and carbon emissions, their BECCS process is redefining the carbon footprint of industrial wet waste disposal.

Phathom Technologies is decarbonizing coastal fossil fuel power plants by permanently sequestering carbon in the ocean with their unique limestone CO2 scrubber technology. 

Simodelex is developing a methane pyrolysis technology to produce hydrogen without producing carbon dioxide which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of hydrogen production. 

SynBioBlox is a carbon utilization play that puts microorganisms to work to convert greenhouse gasses into value added products like Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

We are excited to champion and support this next generation of carbon entrepreneurs. Feel free to reach out to Shannon ( if you are interested in learning more. 

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