Cleantech Cluster - Updates, Insights & Upcoming Events

September 18, 2019

The Cleantech Cluster Initiative is well underway, and we’re at that exciting phase in the project where a lot of seeds have been planted, the soil’s been tilled and the first sprouts are starting to peak out of the ground.

Phase 1 - Groundwork, Research, Planning

First, let’s look at what’s been happening:

  1. The Advisory Group has been formed and we’ve had our first couple of meetings. It’s clear there’s an active community of leaders that want to be involved and have their say.
  2. As part of the Advisory Group formation, we sent a survey out, and we’ve compiled and discussed the findings.
  3. Contextualization of cluster theory and cleantech sectors went on through much of August, as we complied stakeholders lists from multiple sources, and reviewed the state of Cleantech and Cluster development work around BC, Canada and globally.
  4. We are now in the process of value chain mapping to determine networks and areas of improvement in cleantech sub-sectors. We are dividing and subdividing sectors, looking for linkages, organizing data, labelling and evaluating.

Events, Meetings and Event Planning!

Economic clusters are about people and businesses, and a key metric for a successful project is to make sure we meet with and engage with multiple stakeholders across the province.

Our official “Kickoff Event” with Honourable Bruce Ralston, B.C.'s Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology is happening Sept 24th, and is sold out! It was great to see the overwhelming amount of interest, an indication of the growing recognition of the sector, and the strength of Foresight network.


We recently had a very productive (and inspiring) series of meetings with the City of Prince George, their local economic development team and a few companies. Prince George is well on their way in cluster development in the region, and wanting to engage and contribute to the Cleantech Cluster Initiative and develop linkages to enable successful outcomes.

In their cluster, company expertise lies in the alternative fuel sectors such as bioenergy and biofuels, digitization of manufacturing services, clean mining and technology services. This cluster of companies are supporting industrial activity particular to the region such as forestry and mining activities, demonstrating the importance that clusters thrive on the strengths of the region.

Seeing leadership like this is inspiring, it shows that economic development is linked with the cleantech sector and can support jobs and firms competitiveness.

Phase 2 - Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

The Kick-Off event sets the stage for a 2019 fall/winter season of travelling, talking and most importantly, listening and engaging with people across the province, and across multiple sectors.

We will be hosting regional roundtables, sectoral roundtables and stakeholder dinners at key locations across the province, and in partnership with multiple industry associations and sector experts.

So far, confirmed dates for meetings* are:

Regional Roundtables
Prince George Sept 13, 2019 (completed)
Kelowna + Okanagan Sept 25, 2019
Vancouver Island Oct 8, 2019
Squamish Oct 11, 2018

Stakeholder Dinner Series
Universities September 19, 2019
Associations October 1, 2019
Finance October 3, 2019
Industry October 10, 2019

Sector Roundtables
Green Buildings September 30, 2019
CCUS October 10, 2019
WaterTech November 4, 2019
AgTech November 6, 2019
Bioenergy - Gaseous November 12, 2019
Bioenergy - Liquid November 13, 2019

* there are other regional and sector-based roundtables and stakeholder dinners in the planning phases - more announcements will be made once dates are confirmed.

Phase 3 - Sharing, Talking, Publishing

Stay tuned for phase 3, a phase where the seeds become plants in full bloom. Research and economic development is a dynamic process. We will be contextualizing and publishing stakeholder maps, reports, research summaries, presentations over the coming months.

We’re currently putting together a publication list, outlining and planning the process and generating interest through a media/social media outreach program.

The world should hear about Cleantech in BC, and we’re committed to make that happen. Stories will be told. Data will be published. Discussions will be opened up.

Thanks to all who’ve come out for the events, shared research and knowledge with us, introduced us to their networks, joined our advisory group, and helped out with this project. It truly is a community here in BC and in Cleantech, and we’re excited to see everyone at the myriad of events and meetings this fall!

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