Cleantech Coast to Coast:
Co2L Tech

August 3, 2023

Join us at Foresight for a virtual road trip across Canada in our annual series Cleantech Coast to Coast. From the nation’s largest urban centres, to remote pockets of innovation, we’ll celebrate Canada’s inspiring innovators at every stop. 

Buckle up, and come along with us as we visit some of the change-makers and cleantech leaders who are deploying impactful climate solutions, and moving the needle toward net zero. Our next stop: Kingston, Ontario.

It has been said that the hardest part of the process of carbon capture, utilization, and storage is the utilization. What to do with captured CO2 is still a big question facing industry.

CO2L Tech is a cleantech startup specializing in CO2-utilization technologies, and has developed innovative processes that have enabled them to manufacture a diverse range of CO2-derived products including desiccants, two-way humidity controllers, and different chemical precursors. Their products can be used in a wide variety of applications, from agriculture and packaging, to functioning as vital components or precursors in various chemical processes.

Co2L Tech’s process can turn captured CO2 into useful, usable materials for a number of industries, all created using renewable energy sources, ensuring sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and minimal chemical waste. CEO and co-found Anh Tranly said their technology is based on years of CO2 reduction research. They realized that their work inside the lab had a solid value proposition as a business, and Co2L Tech was born. 

Tranly has a personal connection with the fight against climate change, as her home is in a region in Vietnam that is particularly vulnerable to the changes brought about by the climate crisis.

“My hometown is in the Mekong Delta region, an area that has been shown by research studies to be one of the three most vulnerable deltas to climate change,” Tranly said. “It is vanishing gradually, and could completely disappear by the end of this century. That's why it is important for me to work on technologies to reverse climate change. I aspire to safeguard not only my cherished hometown but also contribute to the preservation of vulnerable regions globally, fostering a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.”

Anh Tranly  CEO and Co-founder, CO2L Tech
<span>Anh Tranly </span>

A member of the 2023 Earth Tech accelerator cohort, Tranly and the Co2L team are aiming to replace petrochemical-based materials and environmentally harmful industrial processes with their CO2-derived products and green manufacturing techniques. Tranly said she wants to see CO2 treated not as a waste, but as a valuable resource that can be reintegrated into the economic cycle, fostering sustainability and resource efficiency.

Earth Tech is a six-month accelerator delivered in partnership between SI Canada and Foresight Canada that supports the commercialization of companies led by committed teams driven by environmental impact. The program supports early-stage companies to validate their solutions and business models, advance their technologies, raise funding, and create meaningful impact. 

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