Three Takeaways from the Carbon Capture Canada Expo

October 5, 2022

On September 20th-22nd, carbonNEXT — Canada’s carbontech commercialization hub, established by Foresight and Carbon Management Canada — attended the Carbon Capture Canada Expo in Edmonton, AB.

The three-day international convention emphasized Canada’s critical role in the development of the global carbon capture industry and targeted climate-conscious investors. There were 3,000 attendees, 50 exhibitors, 100 speakers, and 500 delegates.

Foresight's carbonNEXT partner, Carbon Management Canada, was a signature sponsor of the event, and their team presented six times at the conference and once to an international audience coordinated by the Trade Commissioner Service.

Here are our top conference takeaways:

1. Industry is interested in building CCUS projects

A large number of companies approached the booth looking for strategic advisory and technical expertise. Many companies are planning their carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) strategies, as there are increasing economic and societal risks to inaction – and few alternatives. Choosing and investing in the right CCUS technology remains a hurdle for organizations as there are a variety of technologies with bold claims competing in the same space. 

2. There is a growing need for unbiased technology information

With sales and marketing leading the way for technology solution providers, it’s difficult for the industry to know what solution(s) will make the most economical sense for their facility or assets. Canada needs to provide better access to test-bed facilities for technologies to be validated, and there need to be more opportunities for industry to evaluate and compare different technology solutions.

3. There is interest from around the world in Canada’s expertise

Canada’s experience as a world leader in oil and gas has led the workforce to develop a strong CCUS industry, and we’ve invested in the facilities needed to support it. We understand geology and measurement, as well as monitoring and verification techniques needed to securely store CO2 underground. We have world-class organizations across the country providing expertise with the facilities and equipment necessary to help demonstrate, scale, and validate CCUS technologies. Organizations from Denmark, Norway, Thailand, and the US are interested in collaborating with us to build their expertise, invest in solutions, and test their technologies. Now is the time to work together to achieve our net zero goals. 

Overall, it was a great event with incredible technical expertise, policy leadership, and CCUS collaboration.

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