Top 4 Reasons Foresight Support The New Clean BC Action Plan

December 12, 2018

Let me begin by commending the Government of BC on their CleanBC announcement. BC has always been at the forefront of environmental innovation and change. This report takes commitment to a clean future to the next level. Stakeholders involved in clean technologies will not only power their industries with this initiative but guide their customers and partners in the direction to a more sustainable future.

Foresight has been championing cleantech innovation for over 5 years and is ready to support this growing ecosystem moving ahead. We are involved across a majority of the sectors highlighted in the report – forestry, mining, energy, waste management, transportation and manufacturing to name a few – and are keen to help foster the successful implementation of this plan.

“The time to act on climate change is NOW! With the CleanBC plan, our BC government set the stage to be a global leader in climate action. In addition to engaging all of the right stakeholders, this plan effectively tackles some of our biggest emitters – transportation, energy, industry and waste – while ensuring a robust, prosperous economy for all British Columbians. Over the last 5 years, Foresight has been proud to foster more than 100 local cleantech startups. We look forward to supporting the CleanBC plan and continuing with our efforts in the years ahead.” – Jeanette Jackson, Managing Director at Foresight.

Here are the top 4 reasons we support the new CleanBC:

1) CleanBC is bringing together so many stakeholder groups – everyone is speaking out.

The great thing about this CleanBC announcement is the engaging nature of it. With so many stakeholders within the clean sector applauding the announcement and how their own industries can benefit and provide assistance, it is clear the plan is taking the right approach. The more discourse and government assistance we have within the sustainability sector, the only way a holistic approach to tackling the targets can be achieved.

2) CleanBC program sets measurable targets and results in core sectors.

CleanBC provides measurability and clear targets with their plan. This report positions the Government of BC as a clean technology powerhouse by driving growth, new jobs and training, while displaying a theme of openness with their targets. The plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change, use less energy and waste will provide us with the blueprint to a more environmentally friendly economy and future.

3) Program sets the tone that our BC government is invested in our future.

The CleanBC plan offers incentives for small and medium sized businesses which will not only provide new economic opportunities, but push the entrepreneurial spirit in BC within clean energy and sustainability sectors. Waste management is a passion of mine and seeing the CleanBC report tackling the residential and industrial organics waste problem is a step in the right direction. However, policy initiatives moving forward will need to tackle the plastics problem, along with the promotion of zero-waste programs and the development of more efficient recycling facilities.

4) Program helps position BC and Western Canada as a leader in the international cleantech space.

With so many different stakeholders involved in Western Canada, this initiative places BC in a unique position as a leader in cleantech. The CleanBC plan tackles building design, pollution, transportation, emissions and clean energy; this is what leadership looks like and BC will immensely benefit from this initiative! The next decade should push BC ahead of its counterparts and provide a positive ecosystem for growth by providing incentives and assistance with Canada and around the world.

Link to the highlights of the CleanBC report can be found here:

Tony Dhaliwal


Tony has a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in consulting firm Operations Management, Project Management, Sustainable Marketing and Education. Tony is a strong community and social services professional having dealt with a cross-section of individuals and ethnicities. He previously worked for G-Pak Technology as a Sustainability Project Manager and at RecycleSmart Solutions as an Operations Manager.

Tony began his educational journey at the University of Calgary where he was on scholarship for the Dinos Men’s Basketball team. He completed his BA Geography and Minor in Sociology at the University of Fraser Valley (UFV). Tony is set to complete his MA Natural Resources & Environmental Studies from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in 2019. His thesis research assessed the City of Abbotsford’s waste management program through the lens of intergenerational Sikh families.