Venture Spotlight Series:
Orca Water - Leveraging Data to Ensure Water Security

September 27, 2023

Water security has been flagged as a major concern in the climate crisis, with some projections predicting that half of the world could be facing water scarcity by 2025.

Orca Water has developed a comprehensive and easy-to-install modular monitoring system for residential buildings that enhances water conservation, and provides unprecedented water use analytics, and predictive leak detection capability.

Their innovative solutions utilizes ultrasonic sensors and AI learning to enable unprecedented data collection, allowing users to gain insights into their water consumption, find efficiencies, and conserve water.

Orca Water CEO Kerry Chin is harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of his team after 15 years of helping other entrepreneurs develop their own products.

The Orca Water team has been working together since 2008 when they founded Altimus, one of Vancouver’s only boutique product design agencies. 15 years later, the team has developed the Orca Water System and is ready to have an impact on the way we account for and use water.

Despite the fact that organizations like the UN have flagged the incoming water crisis, and various organizations and governments have been trying to tackle the problem of water security and drought, we are effectively going backwards in the race to make progress. 

Chin said he is driven to solve the problem of water security, and believes the issue begins with understanding our water use habits.

Water, precious as it is, is not really the renewable resource that, say, electricity is. Once water is gone, it could be gone forever. We believe that for people to truly understand how important water is, they first have to see firsthand how much they use and what impact they are currently having. Our technology looks like it can solve a few water-related problems and so we want to systematically leverage those strengths in any industry. We need to show benefits and achieve measurable gains.

Kerry Chin CEO, Orca Water
Kerry Chin

The Orca water system has been in development for more than a year, lab testing, prototyping, and refining their new technology. Their work has attracted the attention and support of NRC IRAP, and the funding the Orca team secured has been poured into hardware, software, and full stack development. 

A member of the Earth Tech 2023 cohort, the Orca Water team is now ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their technology, and plans to secure partners and investors, and will undergo a significant commercialization campaign in 2023, followed by a ramp to mass production.

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